CCTV Chimney Inspection

CCTV chimney inspections

Specialised CCTV chimney inspections
in Gwynedd

Contract John Rowlands Chimney Sweep for deep inspections and cleaning of chimneys. We specialise in obstruction detection and removal from those hard-to-reach places in your chimney. 
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Chimney unblocking services

Long chimney stacks often have obstructions deep in their stem, which cannot be identified or removed by regular chimney sweeping. CCTV camera systems are ideal for such situations. John Rowlands Chimney Sweep uses modern CCTV cameras to enable us to quickly and accurately identify chimney blockages. 

Once identified, our team can swiftly ensure that the obstruction is removed so that it does not cause further problems. Once removed, you can rely on us to do a thorough clean of your chimney and perform any repairs that may be required. You can also purchase protection systems for your chimney including bird guards and spikes. Have a look at some of the latest models we have with us. 

Thorough inspections guaranteed

Our CCTV cameras systems are used in a wide range of specialist chimney work, including:
  • Flue malfunction including integrity test failure
  • Identify source of damage in cases of chimney fires
  • Blockages deep inside the chimney stack
  • Old-flue refurbishment and re-installations
  • Flue safety checks
  • Surveying whether chimney cleaning or refurbishments have been done well
Contact our team and arrange for a thorough CCTV inspection of your chimney today.
Chimney maintenance work
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